Spec out your giveaway!

Share a few details about your giveaway. When you’re done, click the “Run Your Giveaway” button below the form to be taken to the credit card form to complete your payment.

Now, isn’t that much nicer than copy/pasting codes into emails all day? 😌

Without a MailChimp API key, Chicken Dinner can't do its magic. Here's how to get one.

Now, share some basic information about your company, you, and your giveaway.

When your prize email goes out, these values will be displayed as the sender of that email.

This part of the form refers to the MailChimp list and segment you'll be giving the prize to. Chicken dinner will randomly select from these subscribers when divvying up the codes. The segment is optional. If you don't have a segment, Chicken Dinner will select from all the subscribers in the list you enter.

Winners will visit the redemption URL to enter their code and claim their prize. (If you don't want to send a URL in your email, just leave this blank.)

Enter all the codes you want to give away, one per line.

You're all set! Just click that giant blue button. You'll get an invoice for $30. Once that's paid, your prize campaign will be ready in no time! (Well, in some time but not much.)